“Heartwork” for the heart at work

The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” —Fred Buechner

What does my heart have to do with my business or ministry?

Most women have not had a conversation about this. There are three things you need to get clear on: your identity, purpose, and kingdom assignment. There is a connection between how what’s in your heart can impact the world. When you are aligned and ontrack with what God has placed in your heart to do, it makes life and business flow naturally and easily.

God needs to free the hearts of His vessels so they can walk in the fullness of who they are created to be.

I want you to be able to RELEASE and bring forth what has already been placed within you (the dreams in your heart mean something).

I want you give yourself PERMISSION to excel, to listen to your heart, to have a voice, to invest in yourself, to trust the pocess and God’s hand in your life.

I want you to experience FREEDOM to be yourself, to self-express, to have “fun” at what you do. And, I want you to be free of self-doubt, fear, inadequacy, etc.

I want you to feel ALIVENESS and JOY doing the exact work you are here to do. It does take a little digging, but it is so worth the effort!

My coaching packages are designed for anyone seeking to start up a business or ministry and needs clarity in knowing what step to take next. I offer three specific life coaching packages to accommodate women from all walks of life and within a budget that fits you. Hover over the coaching tab and the three options will be there for you to look at.

Payments are to be made in full unless prior arrangements have been made.