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Bring Your Best Foot Forward

Bring your best foot forward. Every day start on the right foot. Start out with kindness, with a great attitude, and a heart full of love. Think of this through spiritual eyes. What would you do if you put your best foot forward for God? Who would you be? What attitude would you have? Who …

“Life Puzzle” Pieces

Puzzles. I actually like doing them. I look for the smallest details to see how all the pieces fit together. Every piece matters. A few people I know couldn’t be bothered to take the time to figure it out. The process can be slow, frustating, or difficult. For me, it’s simply relaxing, for other people, …

The Power of Your Words

Imagine a volcano. You don’t know when it will rupture, you don’t know when the boiling point sets in. Consider the words you use. Don’t let your own anger reach a boiling point where your verbal anger spews out toxic and spiteful words. Volcanos change the landscape just like volcanic words chan change a life. …

When the Emotions Come

I was going through the drive through and felt a sudden surge of emotions well up.  I thought to myself, “It’s okay to cry, but at least place your order first!”  There is nothing “wrong”, it’s just that I have a lot of stuff on my mind.  As my neice says,

Look Behind You

Imagine someone has been following you for awhile and noticed a few things that warrent attention.  Just hold that image.  There is a saying somewhere, “If you’re leading, and no one is following, you’re not leading.”  Look behind you.  Who is following you?  How many people are you leading?  Have your numbers grown, or have they dropped off?