Doreen is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, professional counselor, life coach, speaker and author. She is a heart girl, always has been. God has called her to connect with heart. She’s had many years of experience listening at a deep level, both as a counselor, and as a life coach. Her passion is to help women do the “heartwork” that sets them free to live out the calling God has placed in their lives.

Doreen empowers Christian women leaders in business and ministry. She speaks at women’s events, conferences, and retreats sharing bibical truths and insights she receives from the Lord. Her words have been described as “chocolate mousse for the soul.”

Doreen holds a Masters Degree in Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary. She teaches courses and workshops at various colleges and businesses. She is the auther of “Living Authentic Faith: Vivid Impressions of the Heart”, a woman’s devotional. Doreen has been featured on several BlogTalk radio shows, and is an active member of Toastmasters International. She resides in Manitoba with her husband and their family.

You can’t be the messenger if you don’t believe the message.

Doreen is…

A Heart Girl – It doesn’t take long to figure that out. She speak “heart language”. She loves helping women unlock the dreams, passions, ministry, calling, and gifting, that is waiting to be released and lived out.

A Coach – Her passion is to help women uncover God’s blueprint for their business, or ministry, so they are aligned and on track with what He has given them to do. This opens the flow to make life and business easier and allows women to bring in the results they’ve been waiting to see.

A Connector – Heart connections are her specialty. She consistently has coffee connections and phone conversations with women for the purpose of investing in their lives and having meaningful, purpose-driven talks.

A Writer – From the pen of a skilled writer, her words have been called “tasty treats for the soul”. She is an author of Living Authentic Faith: Vivid impressions of the heart, Women’s Devotional. Her personal study entitled; A Heart for the Harvest: Get your heart ready to share Christ with others, will be released soon.

A Speaker – People describe her speaking style as engaging, personal, and authentic. Doreen speaks at women’s events, conferences, and retreat sharing the insights and words she hears from the Lord. Twice a year she offers her own women’s retreats for women who want to be spiritually refreshed, grow in Christ, and allow God to heal their heart.

A Sanctuary – Women find space and safety to be who they are, pour out their heart, share their dreams, talk about their fears, and grow in Christ.

A Learner – Doreen has a Masters Degree in Counselling. In addition, she is an active member of Toastmasters International and continually invests in personal and professional development by attending workshops, seminars, training workshops, reading and more.