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Tree Roots of Faith

    A personal study on character growth. Character growth is a process and it’s not always noticeable to us.  God is lovingly patient.   Reflect on how far you’ve come and what He has already done in your own life.  

Builders for God’s Kingdom

A personal study on living your faith in the marketplace. We have a valuable part to play in building the kingdom of God.  This study will challenge you to think of how you can naturally and easily talk about your faith to those around you.          

Weeping Willow Trees

    A personal study on standing strong in your faith. Winds of adversity will come.  Rooting ourself in the Word of God will help us withstand personal life storms and times of testing.

Walls Around the Heart

    A personal study on how we keep people out. We confine ourselves by the self-made walls we build round our heart.  Let’s build bridges that connect us, rather than walls that keep others out.

Loaves of Bread for the Homeless

    A personal study on telling people about Jesus. People experience both physical and spiritual hunger.  God is deeply concerned for the lost.  He is the Bread of Life.  It is our responsibility to put the Word of God in action and let people know how much He loves them.  

The Beauty Canvas Workbook

This workbook is your “canvas” to help you reveal your inner beauty.  It is for women who are ready to embrace their own “beautifulness”, let go of the lies they’ve believed, and shine confidently in who they are meant to be. There are pages for creativity, journaling, and self-reflection.  Use it for healing and recovery, letting …