Teleclass…Step Up and Lead with Confidence…10 Essential Things All Leaders Must Know!

Date 2019-02-12-2019-02-12

Being a leader is one thing, leading with HEART is another.

• Have you been given a leadership mantle but wonder if you’re doing it “right”?
• Could you use insight into what you could be doing better?
• Does it feel like you’re filling a role but not connecting with your people the way you’d like?
• Are you willing to take a look at you, the leader?

God will never call you to something without giving you the ability to do it. That said, He does expect you to go “all in”, doing whatever He’s assigned you to do. Half-hearted leadership is not an option.

In this teleclass, we will take a deeper dive and get to the HEART of what is required in being a leader. No fluff here…just honest and open content.

You will:
• gain 10 specific things you can do immediately to have positive and significant changes that will help you be more effective as a leader
• learn how to carry the mantle of leadership with more confidence then before
• understand more fully what is required of you and how you can do it naturally

Join me February 12, at 7:00 PM CST