Downsized Dreams

I clearly remember having a hissy fit doing a menial task. I couldn’t believe where God had placed me. How did I end up here, cleaning toilets for goodness sake? One day I asked the Lord, “Why am I here?” He simply said, “Because I need you here.” Really?

Do you realize that when God wants to use you, he tends to “downsize” you? He might put you in a lower status position to reposition you. He might do that to downsize your pride, arrogance, or self-absorption. God shows areas where you are too full of yourself and areas where the focus has been more on you than on him.

Downsizing comes before the promotion to the vastness of your calling. If he will use you, expect to be downsized. Where is your life too puffed up: Your degrees? Accolades? Achievements? Business success? The size of your church? Each person gets a “demotion” at least at some point in their life where what they thought was going well isn’t going so well after all.

God tests you to to be sure your heart is set on him. Serving him whole-heartedly does not come easily, it requires a great deal of sacrifice on your part. Sometimes God has to shake out things like pride, in order to be more effective in doing what he has assigned to you.

I didn’t enjoy the humbling but it taught me a lot. God has called me to do the “heartwork” with people. However, in order for me to fully understand what that meant, he needed to show me what was in my own heart. AND, he needed me to see the hearts of others.

Don’t be afraid of a little humility, demotion, menial tasks, or whatever God uses. It will be for greater purposes, bigger impacts, and preparation for what is coming next. The training ground prepares you to be handle the responsiblities that will be in front of you. Go with the process, trust the results.