Bring Your Best Foot Forward

Bring your best foot forward. Every day start on the right foot. Start out with kindness, with a great attitude, and a heart full of love. Think of this through spiritual eyes. What would you do if you put your best foot forward for God? Who would you be? What attitude would you have? Who would you help and serve? Where would you be? At work? At camp? Doing ministry somewhere? Would you be teaching at a college or serving in a kitchen? Would you be driving a taxi, or paying someone’s bills?

What does putting your best foot forward mean to you? Take a moment to think about that. Would you be wearing your “Jesus sandals” and following in his footsteps, modelling after him? Would you go where God leads you, or would you drag your feet grudgingly? Would you be willing to have a few “life scratches” following after God and loving those you’ve been sent to serve?

It can be hard to put to your best foot forward at times. Even though you’ve put in your best efforts, poured time and energy into whatever you do, it can feel like it’s just not enough for some people. You can end up being hurt by those you lead and deeply care about. It’s tempting (I’ve been there) to want to throw in the towel believing it’s not worth it, or worse yet, they’re not worth it. That’s not true! Even though people have hurt you, other people deserve to be loved, they are still relying on you to do what you’ve been assigned to do. Those who hurt you deserved to be loved too. Who are we to judge whether another individual deserves to be loved? We all need it. And, we’re not always lovable all the time either.

Pray and journal about what God wants your best foot forward to be. Where has he placed/sent you? What is your attitude like? Are you doing it with kindness and a heart full of love? God gave his best, are you giving your best? Answer these questions honestly and see where it takes you.