Is Your Life Like a Broken Hinge Door?

Imagine a hinge fastened on a door that functions just fine. When the hinge comes loose, the door falls or drops down.  Sister, it is time to fix those hinges! There are things in life that need attention. Let me ask you this: Where in your life have you let things drop, become undone, or fall down?  Where have you let things just hang? 

Imagine a crooked picture.  How long could you stand it before you straightened it?  As believers, we have become careless and let things hang loose like a broken hinge or crooked picture.

Here’s what this means.  All the things you’ve dropped or let sloppily hang, need to be fixed and straightened – your faith, your Bible reading, your prayers, your devotions, your relationships.  Are there relationships that hang there broken and droopy on their hinges? What part of your life do you need to straighten up with God?

A door with a broken hinge does not function well or is entirely useless.  Your relationships that you’ve let hang unfixed, make room for the enemy  to do more damage. What kind of entry has the enemy been allowed to make when you refuse to fix your ‘relationship door’ and close the door to him?  If you leave the door wide open, he will come right in. What kind of damage has he already done? Did you notice the loose hanging door in your broken relationships?  Are there more loose, useless unhinged doors you need to pay attention to and fix?

Don’t let the enemy have full access through unrepaired doors.  It is time to tighten those hinges, make repairs to all your doors, and cherish relationships once again. I encourage you to pay attention to the people, and things, that really matter, and let God heal and repair what’s been broken.