“Life Puzzle” Pieces

Puzzles. I actually like doing them. I look for the smallest details to see how all the pieces fit together. Every piece matters. A few people I know couldn’t be bothered to take the time to figure it out. The process can be slow, frustating, or difficult. For me, it’s simply relaxing, for other people, it stresses them out.

Puzzle pieces remind me of life. We can’t always make sense of our “life puzzle” pieces or how things will work out. In our mind, sometimes pieces fit here and sometimes there, as we focus on one life section at a time. The reality is, we can’t see our whole life picture like on a puzzle box. Life doesn’t work that way. We don’t know how the details, experiences, and circumstances of our life will ever create a beautiful life masterpiece.

God does. God puts our life pieces together. He never drops any pieces and doesn’t lose pieces either! You may be at a place where the pieces just don’t seem to fit. Maybe it feels like everything is completely falling apart. Be encouraged knowing that nothing is ever lost or wasted that the Master Puzzler can’t use. Trust the process, trust the outcome.

God has the whole picture in mind. He knows how many “life pieces” are in place and the exact number that need to fit together yet. You are his lifelong project and he will create a masterpiece in you. Every piece is useful. Every piece has a place and a purpose. Don’t be puzzled by the Puzzler, he knows exactly what he is doing. Trust your “life puzzle” pieces into his loving hands and watch what he will reveal and produce.