Look Behind You

Imagine someone has been following you for awhile and noticed a few things that warrent attention.  Just hold that image.  There is a saying somewhere, “If you’re leading, and no one is following, you’re not leading.”  Look behind you.  Who is following you?  How many people are you leading?  Have your numbers grown, or have they dropped off?  Is their commitment not there anymore?  Have they lost interest?  Been distracted or disappointed? Did they choose to follow someone else?

As leaders, over time, we can be dropping things that once were important to us, and it effects our effectiveness as a leader.  Leadership is hard work, commitment, and dedication.  We don’t always feel valued or appreicated, and we don’t always get thanked. In time, we can “drop” things that once held a higher place of importance.

Now back to that image. If I followed you, what might I be needing to give back?  What would I have noticed that you may have dropped?  Have you dropped things you used to really care about like:

  •  honesty?
  •  authenticity?
  •  a good attitude?
  • commitment to your people?
  • integrity?
  • excellence?
  • personal qualities that make you a good leader?

Look behind you again.  What are your people noticing? Has there been a difference?  Is it time for you to pick up something you may have dropped along the way?

Please take the time to reflect on whether or not there are areas where you’ve dropped things and your people have noticed.  Ask God to help you in those areas so that the things that once were super important to you as a leader, can become super important once again. Your people deserve your best, and you will feel your best when you give your best.  Maybe what you’ve dropped is something your people have truly been missing in your leadership.  Take a look at what you might be needing to pick up again.