Welcome here!  

Do you want to feel more confident and equipped as a leader, develop leadership skills, and connect with other women leaders? Then you’re in the right place. (I have something for both local women, and an online group, to meet your needs. Keep reading…)

As a leader, you are called to serve and influence others for the Kingdom of God, but you don’t have to do it alone.

We need to have:

  1. Connection with like-minded, faith-filled and aspiring women
  2. A place where you can share your heart, be encouraged, and pray for each other
  3. Training to grow your business/ministry and develop leadership skills

I am here to help you!

I offer teleclass trainings, workshops, retreats, Meetups, women’s groups, and FUN events. 

If you are local, check out what our community is all about. If not, you might be interested in my online group. CLICK HERE to read more…


Our VISION is to provide a place to connect and build a loving, supportive community that equips Christian women who are called to impact and influence the Kingdom of God through their business or ministry.


Our MISSION is to serve, equip, and train Christian women as they step into business and leadership.  WIBL does this by providing training through teleclasses,workshops, and our Meetup groups.


HEART!  I always focus on the HEART and what God has called you to do. You have been specifically designed with your own set of gifts, passions, talents and special purpose. God loves you far too much to make you like everyone else. Let me here to help you uncover the business or ministry that God has placed in your heart.

CONNECTION!  Women love to connect! We are better together; that’s just the way it is. Sisters need each other to carry them through the ups and downs of growing Kingdom businesses and ministries. Our Monthly Meetups are one of our favorite ways to connect.

AUTHENTICITY!   We value authentic, meaningful relationships. We believe in being honest, supportive, and encouraging to others. We are not afraid to be real. Share your story, your struggle, and let us help you.

LEARNING!   There are ample opportunities for personal growth and development for women in both business and leadership. Leaders learn; plain and simple. You can’t take anyone further than where you have gone yourself. There is always room for growth. We also learn from each other through sharing of experiences, ideas, and resources.

FUN!   You have got to have fun! We are a little crazy and goofy sometimes. Our Monthly Meetups is where we laugh together, cry together, and who knows, we may even get up and dance. Never a dull moment!

PRAYER!   I saved the best for last. We are kingdom builders who make prayer a priority, and we include time for prayer in our Meetups. We also pray for each other throughout the week. How cool is that?


Meet us for lunch! (or sometimes Saturday breakfast). Watch for our next Meetup. Everyone welcome!


“Audacious Love” Women’s Retreat, April 2-4, 2020 (Thursday – Saturday). Check under the event page for more details.

If you have questions, please contact me at office@doreenpenner.ca