Keep Peddling Forward

Peddling a bike isn’t the fast mode of transportation. With each turn of the wheel you cover some distance but when you stop peddling, you simply begin to coast. The same goes for you. Every day you “peddle” you make progress and cover some ground, as long as there is continual forward movement.

Maybe you have stopped “peddling” in your life. Maybe you have slowed down or lost momentum. Keep going, keep trying, take initiative. Perhaps this is a season where it feels like progress isn’t being made. I get it. You’d rather go the speed of a car right now than feeling as if life is like a peddle bike. But, you’d miss out on some valuable lessons.

“Peddling” through life allows you to see things differently. You notice more, are aware of more, and learn more. Enjoy the slow bike ride. Look at those around you. What do you see? What are they saying? What are you sensing? What are you aware of? Whose life do you touch? God might be trying to show you something in this slower pace that would never be seen with the acceleration you want right now.

There is so much emphasis on getting results quickly and making progress, people fail to realize the richest life lessons come from taking life at a slower pace. Some seasons simply require this. It’s called growth!

If you feel like you are not making a big enough impact or covering ground quick enough, be encouraged, you will get there yet. You must keep peddling your “bike of life” in forward motion. Continue the temporay bike path God has you on but stay in constant motion. Yes, cycling uphill can be difficult. Cycling against wind can be difficult as well. God will give you the strength and momentum to keep going, whatever the situation is. It might be a slower pace than you want it to be, but the things learned in this season will serve you well. Keep peddling!