Do you need a spiritual refresh?  Are you ready to be poured into instead of being the one doing the “pouring”?  I get it!  Life, leadership, and ministry is hard.  You’re not superwoman.  It gets overwhelming.  Take a breather. Retreats can be customized to fit your specific needs.


“Walk Into Your Blessing”  You can’t be somebody you’re not. Each person has their own unique path to walk but many things that hold us back from living a joy-filled life and experiencing all the blessings God wants to give us. Let’s wear the “right” shoes, clear the path, and walk in faith and obedience to follow where God leads us.

Session 1: Walk with Shoes that Fit

Session 2: Clear the Path to Follow God’s Call

Session 3: Embrace God’s Blessing for Your Life

“Transformed and Set Free”: Butterfulies are beautiful. You can’t take them out of the cocoon, it’s a process. Just like a butterfly, you too, must be transformed into who you are intended to be. Everything is in God’s timing. It is worth the wait.

Session 1: God has Beautifully Designed You

Session 2: The Transformation Process

Session 3: Released and Unstoppable

“Discovering Your Heart:  Unlocking your heart to authentic relationships and intimacy with God.”  You are precious, valuable. authentic, and vulnerable. It’s all there. And sometimes so is the clutter. Things get shoved in the back of the closet of your heart, like hurts, talents, things long forgotten about. God needs to peek into the closet to help clean up the clutter (and pull out the forgotten treasures) that He has placed within you. Get the closeness you long for when by connecting with your heart.

Session 1: Created in Your Heart

Session 2: Closet of Your Heart

Session 3: Connecting with Your Heart

Specially Designed Retreats for Small Groups of 8 -10 Women

I love these retreats! Women who need a spiritual refresh, a night away with the girls, fun, relaxation, and authentic connection, will be interested in these retreats. They are designed to take you deeper into your heart. The first night is for fun (games, hot tub, creating, relaxing, laughter, and all that girl stuff), and an introduction to the theme.  Day two is for praise and worship and two sessions.  Space is given for quiet time, self-reflection, and honest communication with God.


Pray, Love, Serve

Oh How He Loves Me

From Fake to Fabulous

Find Rest, Oh My Soul

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