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The Beauty Canvas Workbook

This 31 page workbook is your “canvas” to help you reveal your inner beauty.  It’s for women who are ready to embrace their own “beautifulness”, let go of the lies they’ve believed, and shine confidently in who they are meant to be. There are pages for creativity, journaling, and self-reflection.  Use it for healing ,recovery, letting go, moving on and seeing your worth.  It takes time.  It’s a journey.  A work in progress.  Look in the mirror.  I cannot wait for you to discover someone amazing. The workbook comes in a digital download PDF.

Honest Reflections Journal

This guided journaling workbook is created to have an open conversation with your heart that is honest, brave, and needed!  Let your heart spill onto the pages. Included, are pages for self-refection, prayer, gratitude, journaling colouring pages, and much more. Print and place these pages in a binder in whatever order you like. The guided journal will start the conversation, you keep it going. The workbook comes in a digital download PDF. 

Creative and aspiring women are busy.  They are doing. Helping. Leading. Serving. Creating.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness that you forget to take care of yourself. There is the pressure to work tirelessly and meet your own self demands.  And you can be ridiculously hard on yourself. That’s where self love comes in. Self love is not selfish. Now is the time! Grab this downloadable PDF (40 pgs) and pour into YOU for a change.

Indulge in a little self care.  Create daily rituals that leave you feeling cared for…by you!

Set aside time for morning rituals, bedtime rituals, work rituals, creativity rituals, or whatever.  Choose the one(s) you’d enjoy doing.  Even a few minutes can help.  Daily. Weekly. Monthly.  But do something! Show yourself love and kindness.  Pour back into yourself. 

Replenish. Restore. Renew.

Where Faith Grows! Single Lessons with Personal Study Questions


These singles lessons are designed for personal quiet time and self-reflection, with the words that were impressed upon my heart.  Each one contains questions and action steps.  Purchase individually or as a bundle. Files are in a PDF format for easy reading or printing if so desired.  Each are approximately 4-5 pages.

Loaves of Bread Study Lesson

A personal study on telling people about Jesus.

People experience both physical and spiritual hunger.  God is deeply concerned for the lost.  He is the Bread of Life.  It is our responsibility to put the Word of God in action and let people know how much He loves them.

Walls Around Your Heart Study Lesson

A personal study on how we keep people out.

We confine ourselves by the self-made walls we build round our heart.  Let’s build bridges that connect us, rather than walls that keep others out.

Are You Feeling Weepy? Study Lesson

A personal study on standing strong in your faith.

Winds of adversity will come.  Rooting ourself in the Word of God will help us withstand personal life storms and times of testing. 

Building for God's Kingdom Study Lesson

A personal study on living your faith in the marketplace.

We have a valuable part to play in building the kingdom of God.  This study will challenge you to think of how you can naturally and easily talk about your faith to those around you.

A personal study on character growth.

Character growth is a process and it’s not always noticeable to us.  God is lovingly patient.   Reflect on how far you’ve come and what He has already done in your own life.  

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