…created for women who are longing for authenticity, honesty, and connection, and who deeply desire to grow.

Have you grown weary of:

  • battling fires on your own (in faith, life, leadership, family)
  • feeling alone and unsupported
  • pretense, superficial, or shallow (you just can’t do that anymore)
  • not connecting with others at a deep level

What if we opened our heart space to:

  • have sincere, authentic, and deep conversations
  • dig deeper into faith, prayer, and spiritual growth
  • move toward healing and wholeness without hesitation
  • live in the flow of what God’s given us to do
  • do the “heartwork” that sets us free (no fear, worry, self-doubt)
  • flourish in ALL aspects of life

Most people will never truly blossom unless they are in a supportive, nurturing environment that invites and challenges them to grow.

I am walking my own life journey. I have felt lonely, weary, frustrated, and even prayed out. I’ve shed many tears. My heart craved meaningful connections…with a heart depth that speaks to my soul. Just wait for my stories…

As a counsellor and coach, I continually work on myself by pouring time, energy, and money on own self-growth, coaching, books, and training. It’s worth it. It’s necessary.

You’re worth it too. I’m asking you to consider doing it too.

I want to walk this life journey with you…together. Let’s grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. Expect transparent, real, and honest conversations. No fluff.

If you are ready to become more than you are right now…


My part: Giving the tools, training, support, and guidance you need to truly flourish.

Your part: Showing up and doing the work, staying committed and focused, and being willing to grow (in other words, not just a silent observer).

You will receive:

  • Daily encouragement in our private FB group
  • Virtual growth challenges to keep you moving forward
  • Zoom group discussion calls
  • Topic training modules with worksheets and templates
  • Mentoring and coaching from me
  • Flourish Focus “spotlight” to help you specifically

As a founding member, you pay a one time fee of $149. That’s it. Forever.(unless for some unforeseen reason the group can no longer operate). You will be able to add input to what you need as this group takes shape.

PLUS, as a founding member, you will receive a FREE Flourish Focus Coaching Call to talk about whatever is on your heart.

BUT, this offer is time limited until August 21, 2020, midnight (CST). After that the one time fee will disappear.

Or, you can join for an ongoing monthly fee of $27.

The group launches September 1, 2020.

I hope you jump in with both feet…and heart. I’ll see you in the group!

Contact me at office@doreenpenner.ca if you have any questions.