Workshops are designed as two to three hours, or full day workshops. They may be held at your place of preference. If you have a topic idea, contact Doreen to see what she can design for you.


Mentoring 101: Learn the definition of a mentor, qualities of a mentor, what they do, who you could mentor, how to establish a mentoring relationship.

The Value of Mentoring: This is the equivalency of a one credit course that covers the basic information of mentoring, how to get started, establishing the relationship, mentoring agreements, the process of mentoring, mentoring activities, potential areas of concern, and more.

Implement Your Vision: Dream. Create. Implement. Put traction on your vision. This practical step-by-step workshop will walk you through how to take all those wonderful ideas and map it out into a workable plan that you can implement with ease! It’s like putting one foot in front of the other in a way that makes sense.


Finding your FUN zone: Learn how to bring fun and meaning back into your life. Somewhere along the line, many people lose the thing they most enjoyed to do. You will discover why entering back into this zone connects you with who God intended for you to be. To enjoy life more fully, we may need to bring “playfulness” back again. Your fun zone is connected to your purpose.

Creative Writing Worskhop: Have you been wanting to start a blog, write an article, or a book but keep putting it off? This workshop is designed to get your creativity flowing. Using a simple process, participants will walk out of the workshop with an actual written article/bog post. You can do this!

Healthy Hearts, Healthy Relationships: This three hour workshop looks at what it means to have a healthy heart emotionally, relationally, and spiriutally. Be prepared to take a deeper dive as we pull back the layers to see what keeps us bound in the heaviness of the past, the heaviness of pain, and the heaviness of unforgiveness.

Re-writing the Things We Believe In Our Hearts: Imagine your heart as a whiteboard. The things we have unknowingly “written on our heart” shapes who we are and the outcome of our lives. In this workshop we will “erase and replace” what we’ve been believing, with the truths of God’s Word. This will be an eye-opening activity as you begin to see what lies you have permanently etched on your heart as truth.

Leading with a Whole Heart: Wounded people wound people, and that makes us hazardous material for God to have to work with. How can we lead effectively when we’ve been hurt? We see the “holes”, but God sees who we can become when we allow Him to make us “whole”. Learn to genuinely love those you are here to serve.